Filmwerk Kalliope e.V.



    Filmwerk Kalliope is an association initiated by Marie Falke and Sophia Schiller dedicated to the development of artistic documentaries and feature films.
    With the production of installations and media art alongside film, the Filmwerk Kalliope draws a cinematic arc between exhibition spaces and cinema as a cultural meeting point.
    The main objective is the promotion of cinematic art and culture, without the aim of making a profit - income that exceeds costs flows into new productions.

    MARIE FALKE  born 1991 in Wuppertal, studied film at the University of Arts and Design with professors Thomas Heise, Andrei Ujica and Răzvan Rădulescu. Production assistant for feature films and documentaries Freelance work as camerawoman, editor and director. Her works have been premiered and shown in Doc Lisboa and dokka Karlsruhe. Winner of the Federal Prize for Art Students 2019.

    SOPHIA SCHILLER  studied at Saarland University Psychology. She worked for documentary film festival dokKa 2015 as directors assistent and joined DOK.fest Munich 2016 as part of the student’s jury. Since 2016 she is editor of Portuguese moving images artist João Tabarra and worked as Assistant Director for Ana Lungu’s renowned feature film One Prince and a Half (Sarajevo Filmfestival).
    Since 2017, when co-founding the Filmwerk Kalliope, she works in production as well as an artistic member of development, cinematography, and editor of films and installations.
    Currently, Sophia Schiller studies Media Art and Film at the University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe with Andrei Ujica and Răzvan Rădulescu. Her works as a director have premiered at Doc Lisboa documentary Filmfestival and the Max Ophüls Preis.