Trial and Error

Germany 2019, 57min, engl. sub


Gideon Bachmann instructs Marie with the inventory of his belongings. An accumulation of dozens of boxes, well-filled with his articles, photographies, love letters and film reels. An enormous conglomeration of stories of a man who can be characterized as a witness of the 20th century.
He spoke six languages and lived in several countries, he worked as a reporter, photographer and filmmaker.
In every aspect of his life, he was a collector, an intellectual cosmopolite, always surrounded by people, fearful and afflicted with his own mortality.
Trial and Error recounts the encounter between an aging cosmopolitan who struggles with death and a young film student who’s seeking stories.
Gideon’s biography and the study of his eclectic character are central motives of this film.
In this manner the documentary establishes a discourse about life and death and comments on the ambivalent relationship between director and protagonist.


Marie Falke - directing & editing
Sophia Schiller - camera
Zino Mikorey - sound mastering
Boris Creimerman - color grading
Dana Bunescu - editing supervision
Erik Schöfer - title design

Worldpremiere: dokumentarfestival dokKa in Karlsruhe

by Erik Schöfer