Adrian ist nicht Achill

Germany 2019, 79min, engl. sub


Adrian Semoti lives in the constant laps of his daily life since the separation of theatre actress Florina.
One day Florina announces herself by sending back what he once gave her as a present.
Neither new acquaintance nor family squabbling can distract him. The attempt to circumnavigate the final end of the relation, the separating couples bond inflames for the last time.
A portrait of a relationship which seems not to be compatible with daily life. Attraction and rejection, desire and contempt lie close together.
Located in the picturesque setting of a south German town Sophia Schillers directing debut provides an inside into the emotional life of her protagonists. Her view is always directed at the complexity of interhuman relationships.


Sophia Schiller - Screenplay & Directing
Max Clausen - Cinematography
Silvia Mirzenco - Editing
Gerrit Kuge - Sound Design
Marie Falke - Executive Producer
Răzvan Rădulescu - Associate Producer
Madelaine Merino - Production Design
Zino Mikorey - Sound Mastering
Lucia Schiller - Composition
Jason Stewart - Color Grading
Dana Bunescu - Editing Supervision


Moritz Weber-Jänichen
Agnes Decker
Anne Sauvageot
Lucia Schiller

Worldpremiere: Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2019